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Is Steel Framing right for Your Next Home?

Deciding to build a home is an exciting option. It allows you to create the design and layout that works for you. It is possible to factor in your intended future and create a dream home that will last you for life.

In most cases, it is cheaper to build your own home. But, this is when you may need to start making decisions that you hadn’t even thought of before. That includes whether steel framing is right for you.

There are a number of reasons to say yes:

Strength Of Steel

Steel is very strong. If you speak to the experts in structural steel Sydney you’ll quickly find that it can span much larger gaps than any other building material. This opens an array of opportunities when creating your own home. The main one is that you can have much larger open spaces.

Of course, you can also use steel to reinforce glass panels, allowing you to have walls of glass without trading security or strength.

The strength of steel doesn’t just make it easier to design the house you want, it will also make it stronger and better able to handle inclement weather.

That’s an important consideration if you live in an area prone to flash floods, hurricanes, and bush fires

Environmental Concerns

You may be concerned regarding the most environmentally friendly option. The good news is that steel fits the bill!

Steel beams are made from recycled metal materials. The only cost to the environment is the energy used to heat the steel to molten temperatures. Even this can be fuelled by green energy, effectively making structural steel an environmentally friendly option. It may even be better for the environment than wood!

Speed Of Construction

It is also important to note that steel framed buildings are fast to construct. The steel is fabricated in the factory according to the designs you have drawn up and approved. This means that the quality of each piece of steel can be verified as they are created in controlled conditions.

Once fabricated they are transported to your site by lorry. You’ll need a crane to lift them off and put them in position while everything is bolted together. The process is fast and needs fewer people than conventional building approaches.

It’s easy and efficient, helping to keep the cost of your build as low as possible.

Pest Resistant

Termites are a huge problem in various countries across the globe. They set up colonies under your house and start eating their way through your wood without you even knowing. The damage can be structural and expensive to repair.

Build a steel framed house and this isn’t an issue. Termites don’t eat steel. In fact, pests won’t get through steel. That means you will have less to worry you regarding pest issues and more time to enjoy your home.

The bottom line is that steel is a viable and attractive framing option for your home. If you weren’t considering it then you should be.

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