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Best Methods Of Making Your Home More Valuable And Sell Faster

Adding an extension to a property seems like an effective way to increase the value. After all, you’ll be increasing the square footage. However, this is an expensive investment and you may not see the same increase in value. The reality is you have to look at what other houses in your neighbourhood sell for and what they offer. Make yours too impressive and you’ll price yourself out of the area!

The good news is there are much easier ways to make your home more appealing, allowing you to sell it faster and maximize the value.

If you need to sell quickly then the best option is to contact a reputable real estate auctioneer and arrange for your house to be auctioned. You can set the minimum price you’ll accept and anything over that is a bonus. The benefit of this option is you will know the date your home is likely to sell and can start making plans to move on.


Tidying your home and yard means removing the clutter. Outside you want people to be able to see how nice your home is. They need to have easy access to the door and their eyes should automatically be drawn to your stunning front door. A fresh coat of paint can help it look stunning.

Trimming bushes, cutting the grass and generally tidying will make a difference.

Once you head inside excess items need to be eliminated. However, don’t remove everything personal. It’s much easier for someone to envision themselves living in the home if it already seems personal.

Add Smells

There is nothing like the smell of cookies in the oven or fresh coffee brewing to make a viewer feel at home. These aromas are easily created with a few essential oils but will instantly make the home more desirable.

Don’t forget, the more desirable a home is the greater the number of interested parties and the higher the selling price is likely to be.


You don’t want to rip rooms apart when you are considering selling. But, repainting the walls is a comparatively simple task and it transforms the look and feel of the home. Stick to neutral and pale pastel colours to ensure you increase the value instead of scaring buyers away.

You can also replace cupboard doors and countertops in the kitchen while adding rugs to increase the colour and appeal of each room.

Think About Light

A property with plenty of light will look bright and airy. That makes it much more appealing for most people. Consider the natural light you have and how you can bounce it around the house with the careful use of mirrors.

The lighter you can get it the better.

Maximize Room Space

Take a look at each room in your home and consider the flow. You can lose a few items of furniture to improve the flow and the feel of your home. Just remember not to lose all its personality.

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