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Why Should I Invest In Double Glazing Windows?

Double glazing is an insulating glass which is a new option that many people use when they want to refurbish or build their homes.  Most newly built homes have double glazing windows installed as a prerequisite for standard homes. Also, as we prepare for winter, owners of older homes are gearing towards replacing their old single glazing windows with double glazing ones.

When choosing new windows for your new house, you may be confronted with the challenge of picking the right one.

We will be discussing five benefits of investing in double glazing windows.

It Adds Warmth to Homes

Old homes were usually cold and draughty back in the day. Most homes lacked gas central heating, and they had single glazed windows which lack insulation.  So, the cold from outside the home easily penetrated the frames and started affecting the normal temperature inside the home.  One of the key benefits of glazed windows is it adds extra warmth to homes and keeps the warmth trapped, preventing any further exchange or transfer of heat.  The double glazed windows usually have two panels of glass which serves as a layer of insulator which is responsible for trapping the heat inside the home. Most homes rarely change their double glazing windows over a long time after they have been installed. As a result, weather and environment factors have an adverse effect on the layers or fittings which makes the insulators less effective. Homes need to regularly change the layers or fittings to make the insulators function efficiently.

 It Reduces Noise

Double glazing windows are the best choice for those living near busy roads with loud and resounding noise from traffic. The double glazing has the potential of reducing the excessive noise from outside of your homes especially for those who have sleepless nights.  It provides a serene space where you can enjoy your sleep. Old homes can upgrade their single-glazed windows to double glazed windows.  They are a perfect addition to your home.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the environmental benefits of double glazing is it helps to cut down the amount of electricity used for heating in homes. Your energy consumption will be reduced to a minimum and you will eventually spend less on heating bills.

It Increases Property Value

Investing in double glazing windows increases property value. While people refurbish their houses in a bid to add value to the property, the majority of the renovations don’t add much value. However, this may be subjective to a potential buyer who may find it unattractive and the aesthetics of the house ugly.  Some renovations increase the value of a property like the roofing of an old house or fixing the drainage system. Double glazing your windows is a great investment. Any potential buyers or investors will appreciate it coupled with numerous benefits such as warmth, noise reduction, spending less on electricity bills, safety and other benefits. All these add more value to your house and more money when you sell it.

Improved Safety

Intruders will have a hard time breaking into your home if you have double glazing windows installed. Laminated or toughened glasses are majorly used for this purpose.  Given enough time, a burglar will find his way in. However, the burglar faces the challenge of getting through the windows as a result of their toughness. Any attempt to break the glass will alert you or your neighbour. You will rest assured of peace of mind in your home when you install double glazed windows.

If you would like to find out more about how Double Glazed Windows can transform your property, get in touch with Northants Windows today. They will be able to assist you with any questions or queries regarding double glazing. 

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