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Locks & Keys – Some Facts You May Not Know About Them

While smart locks have made an appearance over recent years, locks and keys still play a major part in keeping our belongings and homes safe but how much do you really know about them? Well, here are some random, less commonly known facts about locks and keys that you may find interesting.

Locksmithing began more than 4000 years ago

Did you know that locks and keys date back to more than 4,000 years ago? The first lock and keys were believed to originate in Ancient Egypt and Babylon. They were created to lock the tombs of mummies.

Keys were considered a sign of wealth in Egyptian culture

Not everyone could afford keys in Ancient Egyptian culture so if you had keys this was considered a sign of wealth and affluence. To show their wealth status, Egyptians would place the keys around their fingers for others to see.

Unlocked windows and doors contribute to more than a quarter of burglaries

More than a quarter of home burglaries aren't from someone smashing a window or picking locks, they are from gaining access through an unlocked window or door. Many people believe that their neighbourhoods are safe or the chances of them getting broken into are slim however, burglars are opportunistic and if they can get into a home without any forced entry, they will likely target that home. Don't make this mistake and ensure you lock your home up before you go anywhere. Contact your local emergency locksmith Gold Coast.

Master keys have a unique trackable serial number

Unlike regular keys, master keys have a unique serial number that is used to identify locks via a tracking software program. Only those who are authorised to have duplicate keys cut can have a locksmith cut these types of keys. The locksmith will punch in the unique code and will only cut the key if authorised to. Locksmiths are withheld to a strict Code Of Ethics and cannot lawfully cut keys for those who are not authorised. This ensures that only those who you want to have access to your business or home can.

The biggest padlock weighs more than 400kg

Russia is home to the biggest padlock in the world weighing in at a whopping 415.5kg. It is 144.3 cm tall and 105 cm wide. This padlock still holds the Guinness World Record to date.

The world's first key-changeable combination lock was invented in 1857

The world's first key-changeable combination lock was invented by James Sargent in 1857. His locking mechanisms were integral to constructing safes. He ended up founding a company that manufactured a wide variety of security-based products.

The key was invented by a Greek sculptor

A Greek sculptor and architect named Theodorus of Samos is known as the first key inventor. It was believed to be made from wood and was a huge 30 inches long. This key dates back to the 6th century BC.

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